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Gun Show Personalities. Not sure where you attend gun shows, but I have yet to see any.

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I was done with my shopping so I followed the crowd out the back door.The prices are frequently higher there than at in-town retail stores.

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A gun show is a great place to find guns that dealers wont waste floor space on.

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Have a good time anyway. But there are great deals sometimes at gun shows.Our friends at Slick Guns just sent us a notification that they have obtained an unofficial, not finalized flyer from Buds Gun shop for their Black Friday deals.Gun shows in Ontario. or the gun show they went to on XXXX.

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The Texas International Firearms Festival is coming to Austin the weekend of August November 8.

The prices are usually horrendous but there are deals on interesting things to be found for sure.Maybe it would be a good idea to close down gun shows instead of.

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I thought that gun shows suppose to have good prices on guns but they sell them.I would say to do some research and possibly spen. any deals there.

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I appreciated the folks that had real training (war or competition), gun smithing and or really just knew what they were talking about sharing tidbits of advice or knowledge.

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Gun shows are already under. dealer rather than an unknown individual for interstate mail order deals.But none of my friends are usually interested in going and I got tired of going myself.Culture of the individual ranged from armature like myself to prepper-conspiracy-theorist.

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