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Like 2 Oct 12, 2015 permalink fortwodriver I doubt any consumer would ever buy this.Maybe a little better or a littler worse, depending on the situation and the optimization.Like 0 Oct 15, 2015 permalink srados I was thinking of this today, before I have seen this.But early adopters are beta testers.not just of the camera but also of customer service if something is not working right.Like 0 Jul 8, 2016 permalink biginabox Why does it have to look and handle like a phone.I would assume the approach is similar to what HDR programs do.Like 0 Oct 12, 2015 permalink physguy88 None of these cameras are zooming.

Nov 13, 2017 92 Professional photographers explain why they shoot Panasonic Lumix Being a professional photographer used to mean carrying around heavy cameras and cumbersome accessories.For many enthusiasts, having a single system like this might be enough to take care of their photography needs.The form factor could be designed as a extremely waterproof camera in the future model.Each camera module has to have identical focal length, distortion, aberration, etc.

Nov 10, 2017 41 VNTG8 turns old 8mm film canisters into SD card holders A new project seeking funding on Kickstarter repurposes old 8mm film canisters as SD card holders by fitting them with a foam insert.Pot of Gold by Take5 from Flower center Zombie DP by MarioSS from Boo.

Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body

It is like to put Intel i7 processor into a smart phone form factor.Like 2 Jul 9, 2016 permalink exfidevivo It would be interesting to know the total size of all the sensors and then the sum of each sensor times the solid angle of the associated lens to get the total etendue in say mm sq sterradians.For now, Light can only ship in the US but plans to add international sales in the near future.

If they have to calibrate every L16 with software compensation for all conditions (all temperatures, all optical zoom, all colors, all intensity level), the cost will be way too high.

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It is not possible to have exactly the same magnification between two cameras within the resolution of the pixel size, not to mention they are purposely focused at different focal is the leading supplier of custom safety signs, bathroom signs.

But as this couple found out, you could end up with no photos and a big headache.Like 0 Apr 6, 2016 permalink Lensjoy If you look at the sample photos on their website, there seems to be a lot of noise in the shadows of the night shots.

Like 1 Oct 11, 2015 permalink maxola67 Just imagine that - 16 shots at once.

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Like 0 Oct 11, 2015 permalink Revenant The images from the different camera modules are combined to give you one final image.L16 is, according to Light, a portable camera that offers excellent low-light performance and DSLR-like image quality.No new technology but an interesting melding of several others.

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Like 0 Nov 7, 2016 permalink coreyweb definitely the direction photography SHOULD go.

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Panasonic G9 offers pro-level features, 20 fps bursts, huge EVF and class-leading image stabilization.

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L16 will fuse the images from 10 cameras each having its own lens.I want to support the innovation and may have the opportunity of being an early adopter for something really cool.Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.The first ten Nikon D5 DSLRs to go to space launched yesterday, and are due to arrive at the ISS on Tuesday.Like 0 Oct 11, 2015 permalink srados But I wish them luck we need more choices.Like 1 Oct 17, 2015 permalink MacM This might just be one of the next paradigm shifts.

Like 1 Oct 16, 2015 permalink Kawika Nui Then again, it just might not.But, if each camera module has magnification off 0.1% (optical zoom), this is one pixel error.Finally, I have a DSLR because I hate rear screens as viewfinders and waiting for computers.You should be able to never miss the focus you want and adjust it later.get any amount of adjustable combined HDR and high res images with multiple shots instantaneously and simultaneously without motion or problems with movement.Also to understand what physguy said, think on how much time it takes a PC to extract a RAW vs how fast it is done in camera (when you shoot JPEG only).An earlier prototype of this camera was shown off this past April.Like 2 Oct 12, 2015 permalink TheoFruendt Was reading about this L16 on a German Mainstraem Website and have had the very same ideas.The L16 is on the path to machine vision that can measure distance for autonomous vehicles and precise micro surgery.